lithuanian flag Kristina Viršilaitė – Biography EN


I was born in a small town of Lithuania, on May 8, 1980.

I attended R. Samulevičius high school (1990-1998) and continued my studies in Kaunas university of technology, where I majored in business management and administration (2006-2011).
For a while I was living in Germany, Portugal, then the Netherlands. I would go back and forth to Lithuania, trying to find my way.

Since 2014 I’m residing in Lithuania.

Art always had a special place in my heart and brushes with watercolors and gouache were part of my path full of experiments.

But the most valuable of them all for me today is graphics. It’s the joy and language of my soul. It’s the best way to express my thoughts and feelings. It makes me feel like time doesn’t exist.